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Mark glanced down at his laptop computer, which sat facing him on a small table below the jury box, out of sight of the jurors. What he saw on his laptop screen was a feature in PowerPoint called Presenter view, similar to the screen shown in Figure 1-1, which gave Mark a special view of the presentation that only he could see. Like the teleprompter that broadcasters use to present their speaking notes, this sometimes-overlooked PowerPoint feature gives you the ability to see additional information that does not appear on the screen the audience sees. For example, on the upper left on his screen, Mark could see the blank blue slide that the jurors currently saw. But he also could see his speaker notes on the upper right, reminding him of the points he planned to make while each slide was displayed on screen, as well as a row of small previews of his upcoming slides at the bottom of the screen, helping him to make a smooth transition from one slide to the next. See Also To learn how to use Presenter view for your BBP presentations using PowerPoint 2007, see Appendix B on the companion CD.

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Rails Weenie ( A questions-and-answers forum for Rails-related questions. This forum has been popular for quite some time, and is a great place to ask questions. Rails Forum ( A popular Ruby on Rails help and discussion forum. There are more than 1,000 registered members and many posts each day. SitePoint Ruby forum ( f=227): A Ruby forum provided by the SitePoint webmaster resources site. Unlike with the Rails Forum, all posts to the SitePoint Ruby Forum are within a single category, making it easier to scan through.

a function and it s used in the sorting process. However, instead of being used directly for determining whether one element is smaller than another, the function is used to create a key for each element, and the elements are sorted according to these keys. So, for example, if you want to sort the elements according to their lengths, you use len as the key function: >>> x = ['aardvark', 'abalone', 'acme', 'add', 'aerate'] >>> x.sort(key=len) >>> x ['add', 'acme', 'aerate', 'abalone', 'aardvark'] The other keyword argument, reverse, is simply a truth value (True or False; you learn more about these in 5) indicating whether the list should be sorted in reverse: >>> >>> >>> [9, x = [4, 6, 2, 1, 7, 9] x.sort(reverse=True) x 7, 6, 4, 2, 1]

Mailing lists are like forums, but based upon e-mail. People subscribe to a list, and then all messages sent to that list are received by all the subscribers. There are also archives of e-mail lists available on the Web for reference or for those who don t want to sign up for the list. Ruby mailing lists ( The official page on the Ruby site that provides information about the official Ruby mailing lists. Ruby-Talk mailing list: Ruby-Talk is the most popular Ruby mailing list, where all aspects of Ruby development are discussed. To join the Ruby-Talk mailing list, send an e-mail to with the first line as subscribe YourFirstName YourLastName, replacing the relevant parts as necessary. Ruby-Talk Web gateway ( The Ruby-Talk Web Gateway mirrors messages from the Ruby-Talk mailing list onto the Web in a forumstyle format, and also allows messages to be posted to the list from the Web. Ruby-Talk mailing list archives ( index.shtml): Offers Web access to more than 200,000 posts made to the Ruby-Talk mailing list, including a search feature. ruby-core ( Ruby-Core is a mailing list dedicated to discussing implementation details and the development of Ruby itself. Those who are developing the Ruby language use this list. However, it isn t a list on which to ask general Ruby questions.


Note It s important when using a mailing list that you look at the format and tone of other posts and don t

offend anyone. If your postings sound too demanding or are of the wrong tone, you might not get any responses.

FIGURE 1-1 A feature in PowerPoint called Presenter view gave Mark a view of the current slide the jurors saw on screen, along with his own speaker notes and thumbnail views of upcoming slides.

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